The World of Dirty Dogs!

Dirty Dogs Spaw



Welcome to the Spaw


The Spaw at Dirty Dogs offers a clean, safe enviroment for your dog, we want your best friend to enjoy their time spent with us.


We love Dirty Dogs its that plain and simple.  We want you and your dog to be comfortable here. We also want to offer the best service money can buy and still offer these services at a reasonable price.  So, a reasonable price is guaranteed.


Our Spaw Services:

1st hair cut-on dogs that are needing a clip, this removes most of the hair so we can clean down close to the skin

Pluck hair- from ear canals on long haired breeds. - removes dead hair that can cause infection

Cut nails- grind sharp nails

Bath- with high quality aromatherapy shampoo designed only for dogs, our bath tub is also set up with a water therapy unit.  This unit not only helps to get the dog clean it also helps many dogs to relax and enjoy the whole Spaw experience.  Medicated shampoo is used on dogs with skin allergies or issues.  All Natural Flea shampoo is used when needed.

Full body massage, while in the tub.  Dogs, just like humans have medians and pressure points that help to relieve discomfort as well as help them to relax and enjoy their bath.  The full body massage also helps us to detect any hot spots, growths or skin irritations. 

Clean ears

Blow dry - removes dead, shedding hair

2nd cut- on dogs that are to be clipped

Finishing touchs- clip pads of feet, hinny and bellys


Colognea little stinky stuff as we call it (at least your dog thinks so)

A kiss or two- don't be surprised if they decide they want to stay a bit longer.

Special care is taken while handling dogs to make sure any special needs are met.  Please remember that dogs with special needs usually take longer to groom due to the amount of time that we let them rest.  You also need to remember that grooming requires your dog to stand longer then they might normally, which may cause a little soreness.

Cranky dogs are also welcome at Dirty Dogs.  The most important thing when bringing a dog with aggressive tendancys into the Spaw is to let use know ahead of time, so the Dog can be treated with the care and respect they deserve.  I have found in my experience that many dogs are just misunderstood or most Groomers don't want to take the time or have the ability to make the dogs comfortable.

We also like to get dogs home as quickly as possible.  Most appointments take less then 2 hours, depending on your schedule.