The World of Dirty Dogs!

            Meet The Crew!


     Well, where do I start.  My name is Lisa Kathan and to some, I am just known as the "Dog Lady" or  "The Dirty Dog Lady".  You are free to call me what you like. 



















I was raised around  animals, you name it, my family had it.  I grew up in Warren, Vermont, my first  love b

eing animals.  I tried to have a real job, you know the office, desk, bright lights, travel..... I just couldn't hack it. I wanted to be out in the barn. Being raised with horses, I learned to clip at a very early age.  My mom and aunt Reta both had Springer Spaniels and being we lived in a very rural area with no groomers around, I took on the position of family groomer.   My first experience with grooming was at the age of 14, with a book I checked out from the library.  If I do say so myself "I did good!!".  Funny how our memory gets bad with age.  


















































Years later, I went to work at Creature Comforts in Waitsfield, Vermont.  I apprenticed under a wonderful groomer, Cathy Hadden for 5 years.  She loved the dogs that stood still and loved to be groomed, I tended to like the ones that were trying to take my face off and classified as Aggressive.  I guess I always have been a fan of the under dog.  During this time,  I learned that with a little time, patience and understanding, even the crankiest beast can be tamed.   After getting away from grooming for a couple of years, I missed grooming and the interaction with the dogs. 




































Hence, Dirty Dogs.  I started back grooming in a great little shop on MLK Drive in Temple, I am proud to say that many of my early clients have become wonderful, dear friends.  

I will always love dogs and their individual personalities and I try to love their owners also!!!  All kidding aside, I do my best to make your dog as comfortable as I humanly can.  I also work hard to help educate dog owners and help them solve any problems or concerns they may have. If you have any other questions about me and my training, please feel free to contact me.  I look forward to meeting  you and your dog soon.



 Julia Kober- Owners Daughter

 She takes care of

1. Our Website

2. Facebook Page

3. Office work

4. Answering the Phone, and making appointments.

5. She plays with all of the sweet dogs that come in so that they feel at home.

6. She loves interacting with people and she is there to greet you as you come in the door! 







 Ethan Speer - Owners Son-In-Law


 Ethan has just completed his Grooming Certificate.  He is very helpful with all aspects of our business.  



He also loves every dog like they are his own!







Pam has retired from Dirty Dogs.  She stops in to visit from time to time. 


Pam Gasaway,

has been working at Dirty Dogs Spaw since 2005!

She is know as the famous "dog washing lady"