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 Dog Boarding! 


At Creature Corner its all about the dogs, big, little, healthy or even the special needs dogs.   Whats important to us is that they are happy.  We want their stay with us to be fun, it doesn't matter if its 2 hours or 2 weeks. We get pleasure out of your best friend being comfortable. We don't have a conventional boarding facility. Your dogs will stay inside, we have a fenced yard for them to run around, they will be cuddled with and will feel at home.  They are given their own 4X4 suite to sleep in so it is important that your dog is familiar with a crate/house trained, but they are kept in a home environment.

We are now accepting any and all dogs.  Dogs that have been here in the Spaw are already comfortable with us.  We also require dogs to have their yearly shots, rabies and bortitella (kennel cough). Your dog will have a pleasurable stay and you will be able to enjoy your vacation without worry.


Dirty Dogs Spaw will even bath or groom your pet before returning home, upon request.  






*      Large dogs: $20.00 per day

*      Multiple Large: $20.00 each, per day

(Under 40lbs)

*      Medium and Small Dogs: $17.00 per day

*      Multiple Medium and Small: $14.00 each, per day

*       Puppies Under 6 Months of Age: $18 per day


* Dogs without Dog Food will be $7 per week


Prices Vary